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Destination Wedding

9 Dream Destination Wedding Venues In Rajasthan

Weddings are the binding of 2 souls together – An auspicious occasion where 2 minds become one and decide to face all of the life’s challenges together. An occasion where 2 souls are intertwined, for better or for worse. Destination Wedding can be a big part of your life.

In today’s present cultural climate, Destination weddings are a huge ceremony, where celebrations often last days on end. Now, couples are searching for fresh and innovative ideas on how to tie the knot.

As the brainchild of this driving thought, destination weddings are a spectacle to behold. Often set in picturesque locations, destination weddings are meant to capture the love between the newlyweds in a fashionable and breathtaking way.

It’s been almost 30 years since the world started following this trend and India is no stranger to it. Destination weddings are becoming the trend for both upper and middle classes alike, with 30% of couples choosing to get married away this year. Here, we look at one of India’s most select locations to get married, Rajasthan.

The royal land of India, Rajasthan, is, by all means, a marvelous location to tie the knot. It is teeming with breath-taking architecture, vibrant culture and much more. It is indeed measured as a wonderful place for couples wishing to rejoice their destination wedding in an imperial and majestic manner. A land where kings ruled, a land where countless palaces, forts, and towers cast an imposing presence upon its beholders- it is certainly fit to declare one’s undying love for one’s betrothed. It knows no competition in terms of natural beauty and is home to the world-renowned Thar desert. Frankly, if you want a fairytale wedding, Rajasthan is the place you go to.

Popular Venues for Destination Wedding

Taj Lake Palace, Udaipur

Taj Lake Palace, Udaipur
Taj Lake Palace, Udaipur

This is certainly a dream location for your Destination wedding. Set atop the hills above the beautiful city of Udaipur, The Taj lake palace boasts royal butlers and internationally trained chefs who are more than fit for the job to make your wedding a memorable one. Its major highlight is the Lilypond, a beautiful pond with a romantic and intimate setting. Filled with gorgeous lilies which are lit up using candles, It is certainly a magical ambiance to tie the knot.

For a more picturesque and booming ceremony, the palace offers the Mewar terrace, a high altitude venue which offers a spectacular and mesmerizing view of Udaipur city. It is certainly a highly recommendable venue for an intimate, magical, yet regal wedding.


Devi Garh, Udaipur

Devi Garh, Udaipur
Devi Garh, Udaipur, India

Ever wanted a traditional royal destination wedding set in a medieval castle, coupled with tantalizing cuisine and a mesmerizing sunset? Then the Devi Garh is the place for you. It is a 18th-century castle which caters to tailored-weddings. From brochures to priests, the Devi takes care of all your needs. It is set deep in the Aravalli hills and a sunset-lit destination wedding here is a spectacle to behold.

From banquet halls to canopy enclosed clearings, The Devi Garh offers various locations to get married. The poolside is also a lucrative venue for various stage performances. All these exquisite features make this particular venue a hotspot on our list.

Fateh Garh, Udaipur

Fateh Garh, Udaipur
Fateh Garh, Udaipur

Perched atop a hill, this 52-room, the 14-suite property has commanding views of the nearby Aravali hills and the City of Lakes, which are best taken in at sunset on the terrace over high tea. The hotel generates over 50% of its power via green sources, which also make your destination wedding an eco-friendly one. An architectural wonder, the Fateh Garh faces no hard competition when it comes to choosing a wedding venue. It boasts a banquet hall which gives its guests a sample of royalty, as they dine in a style in which the ancient royals used to.


Umaid Bhavan Palace, Jodhpur

Umaid Bhavan Palace, Jodhpur
Umaid Bhavan Palace, Jodhpur

It’s no wonder this grand monument was the chosen locale for the Liz Hurley-Arun Nayar wedding. This enchanting venue can make any wedding occasion glittering and grand with its traditional, colourful, and quintessentially Rajasthani welcome of dancers and elephants. Their Marwar Hall is perfect for a grand wedding ceremony and offers a mixed banquet bouquet of Marwari, Rajasthani, Indian and Continental cuisines.It offers a hassle-free experience to couples, assisting them in each step of their matrimonial journey and affords them more time to enjoy the experience. Taking over 15 years for its construction, It still houses the Jodhpuri royal family and consists of 347 rooms and a total guest capacity of 3000 rooms.


mihirgarh jodhpur
mihirgarh jodhpur

If a private, romantic wedding with quaint surrounding and only a few dear ones present, Mihirgarh is the place for you. With only nine suites, only a few guests can be accommodated, but the cuisine is exquisite and unparalleled , and this is what makes this venue stand out from the rest. For couples who wish to deviate from the traditional Indian way, which is to make weddings a celebration to remember, The Mirigarh offers a quaint, yet satisfying venue for a verdant wedding ceremony.

RAAS , Jodhpur

Housed in three 18th century havelis, RAAS is a hip new hotel which successfully fuses the old and the new. The view is not that of sweeping vistas but rather of the majestic Mehrangahr Fort, clad in its armour of pink sandstone. For couples who would rather have a wedding filled with energy rather than the magical feeling of getting married in a palace or any such historical place, The RAAS is the place for you.


Rambagh Palace, Jaipur.

a luxury palace hotel that provides the quintessential royal backdrop for couples who always dreamt of their wedding as a regal and opulent affair. The hotel strives to make every wish and desire come true in order to celebrate the union of the couple in a grand fashion. Special menus, wedding planners, traditional wedding processions with elephants—Rambagh offers it all. It originally housed the Maharaja of jaipur and now is host to some very grandeur weddings.


Aman-i-Khas, Ranthambore

Another celebrity wedding hotspot, The Aman-i-Khas is one of the premiere locations to get hitched. Basically a wilderness camp surrounded by the aravalli hills,it is a testament to the rich mughal travelling tents of the bygone era. The massive tents feature a king-size bed, separate areas for sleeping, lounging, bathing and dressing, as well as a small veranda for guests who want to relax privately in the outdoors. It is a real treat for  those who love the outdoors and wish  to get married in a similar setting.


The Leela Palace Kempinski Udaipur>

Set on the banks of the Pichola lake, The Leela palace is the go-to locations for boys and girls who love getting married in the traditional setting. It offers packages known as the Regal Wedding Packages, which takes care of all the nuptial procedures from setting to banquets, which means the newlyweds are left free to bask in their romance. An intimate champagne toasting event is held for the wedding party where the complimentary wedding cake is cut. Lastly, a gift box is presented to all the guests, as a token of remembrance of the couple’s union.


As you can see, Rajasthan offers so much vibrant and exuberant opportunities to wed in a way that you will remember forever. It is said that weddings are made in paradise and Rajasthan comes close to it. It is a majestic land which is teeming with various cultures and sights that it would be a shame not to witness it at least once. Come, discover Rajasthan in all its glory and get married in a way which will be remembered forever.

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